Erykah Badu Next In Line To Pay Homage To Fela Kuti

Erykah Badu wants you to enjoy this project “preferably with a nice blunt” 


American singer-songwriter Erykah Badu, not only believes that Fela Kuti is a “f*cking genius”, but listeners should take in her songs of choice by the multi-instrumentalist with a “nice blunt…with a nice slow burn”. As a tribute to the legend, Badu is the next artist to add her creative touch to a series of celebrity-curated, limited edition Fela Kuti reissues. Badu will be channeling her inner “Fela” by compiling a box set of her favorite tracks by the legend. Not only will she be treating listeners to music, but the set will also include 7 “personal essays” written by the singer, including never before published photos of Fela.

In total, Erykah has chosen 7 songs for her box set; “Yellow Fever”, “No Agreement”, “J.J.D.” (Johnny Just Drop), “V.I.P.” (Vagabonds in Power), “Coffin For Head of State”, “Army Arrangement”, and “Underground System”. On December 15th, a limited 3,000 copies of the box set will be available to the public. 

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