AfroBeat music has grown in popularity all over the world. A genre that was often underrated, is now undeniably a major influence on the music industry.

There’s a touch of AfroBeat in a wide variety of today’s music but overall there is a touch of Africa in everything we do. is here to take the genre beyond the party scene and spread the wave, globally.


AfroBeatNights takes place once a month with the sole purpose of spreading good energy and vibes of AfroBeat music. From engaging live performances to featured guests and live bands, it is more than a night out, it’s an experience. Guests who attend, get the chance to put aside their worries and let the sounds of the music take over. AfroBeatNights is here to provide nothing less than an unforgettable experience, taking attendees on a trip to the motherland.

Afrobeatnights consistently attracts thousands of people looking to be connected to African culture. It is an intimate night between the audience and the DJ, to vibe to the sounds and instruments of the genre. The night has carried a reputation of being able to keep attendees on their feet, dancing the night away. Earlier this year, the series returned to SOB’s (NYC) featuring Ghanaian singer Efya, accompanied by a live band, Syncro System. The vibe felt in the room was undeniable as the effortless interaction between the instruments and the audience proved the powerful effect that music can have on an individual 


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