South African Artist Elaine Releases Visuals for Hit “You’re The One”

South African R&B sensation Elaine recently shared visuals to her hit single “You’re the One.”

The artist recently broke down the meaning behind the song to Apple Music. “‘I know you are the one,’ I mean it doesn’t get any deeper than that,” she said. “Imagine someone telling you that you are the one. There are so many people in the world, and yet you are the one. That’s why I even made it the title of the song ’cause to me it was like, that’s crazy, I’m actually telling someone they are the one.”

The visuals for the song capture the intimacy of the song featuring scenes with different striking backgrounds intercut with moments between Elaine and her lover.

The music video was directed by Johannesburg based multi-artist Shala The Unicorn.

“You’re the One” is the lead single to her EP Elements, released in September 2019. 

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