DJ Tunez & LeriQ ft Burna Boy “Cotton Candy”


DJ Tunez has been hinting at something sweet over the past few weeks, releasing promotional material of cotton candy and sweet treats all over social media.  The treat came in the form of a song, Cotton Candy, which officially released on July 17th and is a collaboration with Nigerian songwriter and producer LeriQ, featuring Burna Boy.

The track has a smooth, classic “Burna Boy vibe”; a different feel from Tunez’ previous tracks. But the group found a way to layer in a more upbeat tempo from time to time. Burna does not hold back on the single with catchy phrases like “Dem want di jelly inside the biscuit” and “Dem seh mi sweeta den cotton candy”. Although the song has a very calm vibe, the lyrics are undeniably addicting.


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