OBeezy Discusses New Single ‘Diamond Queen’, Global Collaborations and Life as an Artist/Producer

Honing in on his multifaceted creativity, Jamaican born Artist/Producer OBeezy is set to leave an indelible mark on the global music market. With an array of production credits under his belt spanning genres from Hip Hop to Afrobeats, OBeezy’s second single as a solo artist titled ‘Diamond Queen’ is here.

According to OBeezy, ‘Diamond Queen’ is a year in the making. The song features Starboy affiliate DJ Tunez and UK based Ghanaian artist Eugy.

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“When I sent it to Tunez he was in love with the song. He called on Eugy out in London, who killed his verse and took it to the next level,” he states about the collaboration on the single.

OBeezy ensures that he stayed true to himself with the song’s lyrical content, while also giving it a vibe where it can be played anywhere, “I’m really excited about it, this song has the potential to be huge. It has the sound that can go international.”

And with catchy lyrics like “Never met a girl who was like you/ Slim thick beauty with an IQ” over the alluring, bouncy afro-fusion beat, its hard to deny the possibility.

Two years after his solo artist debut with the single “Butterflies”, the self-proclaimed perfectionist took some time to focus on production placements, shelving his initial follow up single because the final product wasn’t up to his standard.

“That break was necessary because I really kind of found myself, found who I am as a person, as a producer and an artist. It allowed me to mature musically and personally,” OBeezy shares. “When you’re a little younger you can get caught up in the lights and the praise when you drop a song and thinking about the cars and jewels and trying to accomplish this and that. For me it was like I kind of took a step back and now moving forward it’s about putting out music because I love to do it and because it puts out good energy to the world.”

The hiatus allowed OBeezy to regroup, finding his true self both on a personal level and musically. The time away also empowered him to find his own Diamond Queen.

“You can’t really fake it. People can see who you truly are, they can tell if something is authentic,” he articulates. “For me, that’s what I was focused on being truly OBeezy and using my ability and uniqueness to my advantage.”

So far in his musical career, OBeezy has made some noteworthy connections carrying his sound throughout different parts of the world.

“It’s a journey but I’ve definitely been lucky to work with some talented artists. I’ve been able to connect with Yxng Bane; Vybz Kartel, Shaggy, and Charly Black for the ‘World Vibes Riddim’ released by TJ Records,” he discloses. “The World Vibes Riddim that I connected with TJ Records and DJ Tunez on was huge.”

“I was able to work with Smooky Margielaa, Bianca Bonnie also known as Young B, and GidiboyBenjy for ‘HowFar’” he continues. “Also, I’m a basketball fan so it was a really cool opportunity to work with DJ Tunez, Giannis Antetekounmpo and JBL Audio for a commercial.”

OBeezy’s quest to reach different parts of the globe with his sound was undoubtedly shaped by the mixture of musical influences throughout his life.

“I like to just kind of go with the flow when I’m making music but since I have such a strong Jamaican upbringing, I can’t help but try to mix the Dancehall sound, the reggae sound with whatever else I’m making,” he says. “When I’m making Afrobeats I try to have sounds that distinguish it from the others. My dad would listen to Jazz, Gospel and sometimes a little Reggae. Gospel and Reggae is what I grew up on so all of that influences my sound.”

“As a producer, I’m extremely versatile. One day I might work on trap beats, another day I’m working on R&B, another day Afrobeats and another day straight Dancehall”, he states about the adaptability of the music he creates. “Versatility is what defines me as a producer. For my production catalog I want that to be massive and touching multiple genres.”

While OBeezy aims to continue building on his diverse production catalog, he is certain of the particular type of music he creates when behind the mic.

“As an artist I like to be known for a specific sound. I think that’s how people are able to brand themselves and separate from the other artists out there,” says OBeezy. “I’d say my sound as an artist is kind of like a mixture of Dancehall, R&B and Afropop in one.”

But don’t expect the talented multidimensional artist to limit his creative ability.

“Even though that’s the lane I want to be in, if it happens where I collaborate with someone in the rap genre like Young Thug or someone in pop or EDM or whatever, I’m always open to it,” OBeezy proclaims.

OBeezy’s musical journey took off in high school. His love for music started with an addiction to playing with sounds on a borrowed beat machine that one of his best friends received as a gift. Inspired by the production styles of the Neptunes collective, but particularly Pharrell, as well as Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and 9th Wonder, his love for beat making and the recording process grew deeper.  

OBeezy’s list of artists he’d love to connect with in the future includes the likes of Pop icon Drake, legendary Nigerian Afrobeats artist Wande Coal and Jamaican Reggae artist Chronixx.

“I’m a huge fan of Drake, of course everybody would want to collaborate with him. I feel like his sound is amazing its clean. He’s a genius, he’s got the game in the palm of his hands,” OBeezy expresses. “Afrobeat wise, I’d love to collaborate with Wande Coal. He’s very melodic seems to be very versatile, it doesn’t matter what beat you drop he’ll kill it.”

With the world still shutdown due to the global pandemic COVID 19, artists and creatives have had to re-imagine and recreate how their day to day looks with less travel, less interpersonal contact, and zero performances.

“For me it’s been great because I’m able to put more time into music,” OBeezy states about the newfound free time. “I’ve been able to work on a lot of music, a lot of beats. I’m starting to work on my EP, I have a lot of beats that I can record to, so the quarantine helped with that.”

OBeezy is currently working on an EP that he hopes to release for the summertime no later than August. Listeners can expect that signature blend of Dancehall, Afropop and R&B on the upcoming project.

“We definitely have some good things in store for 2020 and beyond, stay tuned.”

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