Wyclef Pays Tribute to Fela Kuti

Music Icon Wyclef Jean Debuts His New Single “Fela Kuti”

Twenty-three years after his debut in the scene with the Fugees, music icon Wyclef Jean is slated to release his eighth studio album “Carnival III: The Rise and Fall of a Refugee”. He named his first single after Nigerian music legend, Fela Kuti and flaunts an upbeat tempo reminiscent of an old school AfroBeat track. 

Wyclef is known for blending music genres from around the world to create global sounds and his approach has translated into worldwide success. When asked about the single in a recent interview with XXL, Wyclef said “I decided to name it Fela Kuti because for me, I feel like we be thinking of Marley, we give a lot of people from our past props, so when the kids hear Fela Kuti, I really want them to Google it.”

As the pioneer of AfroBeat music, Fela Kuti birthed the sound that is currently sweeping the globe and dominating music charts. The foundation for modern AfroBeat music was developed in the early 1970s and has subtly influenced music ever since. 

Wyclef is the latest artist to show his appreciation for the significance of AfroBeat music and uses his art to acknowledge the influence Fela Kuti had in his career.