Omarion’s New Album Is Rumored to Have Multiple AfroBeat Inspired Hits! 

Is this R&B prince on his way to AfroBeat royalty? 

Singer Omarion has his fans anxiously awaiting his upcoming album, Reasons. After the release of its first single, Distance, earlier this year, the AfroBeat inspired track hinted at a new direction for the typically R&B star. 

Speculations continued to transpire after Omarion made multiple trips to Africa, including earlier this month for Kenya’s Afro Pop Festival, and was shown embracing the culture through tribal song and dance with locals. 

The South African landscape turned out to be the prime location for the upbeat Distance video and including aspects of the traditional African culture seemed to be a popular touch. (And by the looks of things, he probably took some dance classes out there too. The AfroBeat steps were prevalent. Way to go Omarion!)

Sources close to the singer say the trip to Africa inspired him to create new music, which could be the explanation behind the Reasons album being delayed from its original June 16th release date.

With the cliff-hanger ending to the music video, all fans can do is wait. Hopefully Omarion lives up to his promise and continues to bless us with more AfroBeat inspired tracks.