DJ Tunez ‘Blackout V’ Pushes Afrobeats Culture Further

DJ Tunez held one of the largest Afrobeats gatherings this year on Black Friday in NYC. Blackout V held up to its billing, providing the approximately 3000 attendees with a memorably experience.


The packed out event was held in a spacious Brooklyn warehouse. Once party time came, the space transformed into a swanky nightlife venue. The vibes were set upon entry with stunning artistic displays along the walkway to the dance floor. Party goers were greeted with an amazing ambience, fit for a full out rave, once inside.


The diversity of the audience was noteworthy, as people from all backgrounds came out to enjoy this cultural affair.
The all black dress code wasn’t limiting either as many came out red carpet ready with statement outfits.

Master of ceremonies DJ Tunez directed the vibes, displaying marvelous crowd control. Attendees completely engulfed themselves in the energy, especially when certified hit ‘Iskaba’ blaired through the speakers.

Special guests including DJs, hosts and dancers kept everyone moving well into the wee hours of the morning. You could still see guests arriving between 2AM-3AM.

It was an incredible experience for seasoned Afrobeats enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

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