Burna Boy ft. M.anifest “Another Story” (Official Video)

Burna Boy’s “Another Story” depicts the exploitative and corrupt history of Nigeria’s foundation.

“Another Story” provides listeners with an immediate lesson in the reality of Nigeria’s independence. “To understand Nigeria, you need to appreciate where it came from,” a voice-over decries. “In 1900, Britain officially assumed responsibility for the administration of the whole of what we now know as Nigeria from the Niger Company… the British Government paid 865,000 pounds, a huge amount in 1900. So let’s establish a simple truth: The British didn’t travel halfway across the world just to spread democracy. Nigeria started off as a business deal for them between a company and a government.”

The video depicts all that is leading people astray, from politics and violence to religion and colonialism, as Burna Boy embraces using his platform to shake the table.


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